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La Jolla

Artist Statement

Creating colorful, large-scale oil paintings is one of my ultimate joys. I hope to convey the beauty and fragility of the natural world both to add life to the rooms they occupy and also to provide a sense of wonder for some of nature’s most amazing displays. I love to reference my photography to capture fleeting moments–flowers in full bloom, a cloud reflecting sunset colors, light filtering through the trees–phenomena that are temporary and delicate, similar to infinite everyday marvels that need to be appreciated and protected.

3 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Alyssa! I think you might be able to help me. How does one go about getting an Alyssa Vaziri masterpiece for his place?

    1. Barron! This comment made my day 🙂 How are you? Send me an email and I’ll give you my new contact information! I hope all is well!

      1. Hey I didn’t realize you responded, I found this in my promotional folder. Things are good! I’m in Nashville visiting a buddy and seeing Blink 182 in St. Louis. Shoot me your contact info. Hope all is well!

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