Thoughts of Hope

IMG_4471After the attacks in Paris, the locals began a beautiful movement to make sure no one was without shelter that night. #porteouverte was used to connect those in need of a place to stay with kind residents.

There are still many people without a roof to sleep under. The sketch above was inspired by Magnus Wennman, Swedish photojournalist, who documented the haunting living conditions of refugees.

This winter, I would like to donate 100% of the selling price of my paintings to the IRC.

It feels cruel to worry about little things when I get to fall asleep under many blankets every night. I think of the cold conditions so many children and their families find themselves surviving while they sleep. It is so confusing that these individuals have been suffering for so long.

While living in San Diego, I interned at the IRC (International Rescue Committee), working with high school students that were refugees, many of whom were from Syria, among many other countries. I was surprised to see how densely populated with refugees my community was. My neighbors, people at the grocery store, families walking around in City Heights. Yet, it took years of screening before they arrived in San Diego. Many of the high school students were born in refugee camps, and spent their entire lives there as their families waited to be accepted into the U.S.

The IRC is a fantastic organization that consistently earns the following accolades:

If you are unsure of a present to give a loved one this holiday season, please consider a small piece of art. I am also happy to make a custom painting at a variety of price points, starting at $10.00.

My goals:


4 thoughts on “Thoughts of Hope

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you so much for your interest! Send me your ideas and how much you would like to donate (Contact page) and I’ll respond with a timeline. It was great seeing you this weekend 🙂

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