Personal Project Update

I would like to share the results of this winter’s fundraiser.n591078573_2637587_8307726

Together, we raised $300.00 for the IRC to provide aid to Syrian refugees this winter. It is a humble contribution, but I am grateful to report that we have exceeded my initial goal of $248.00, as outlined in the last post.

Thank you to all who purchased artwork, shared my post with friends, and donated supplies. Every word of support in this project was immensely encouraging; having started this on the eve of my first round of final exams as a grad student was overwhelming at times. All of those who purchased artwork were gracious and patient as I juggled other life responsibilities while fulfilling their orders.

Of course, the need for winter protection and food is still severe for many. Please feel free to contact me if you would still like to make a donation in return for a painting.

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